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Reentrant Qhull functions, macros, and data structures

The following sections provide an overview and index to reentrant Qhull's functions, macros, and data structures. Each section starts with an introduction. See also Calling Qhull from C programs and Calling Qhull from C++ programs.

Qhull uses the following conventions:

Reentrant Qhull is nearly the same as non-reentrant Qhull. In reentrant Qhull, the qhT data structure is the first parameter to most functions. Qhull accesses this data structure with 'qh->...'. In non-reentrant Qhull, the global data structure is either a struct (qh_QHpointer==0) or a pointer (qh_QHpointer==1). The non-reentrant code looks different because this data structure is accessed via the 'qh' macro. This macro expands to 'qh_qh.' or 'qh_qh->' (resp.).

When reading code with an editor, a search for '"function' will locate the header of qh_function. A search for '* function' will locate the tail of qh_function.

A useful starting point is libqhull_r.h. It defines most of Qhull data structures and top-level functions. Search for 'PFn' to determine the corresponding constant in Qhull. Search for 'Fp' to determine the corresponding qh_PRINT... constant. Search io_r.c to learn how the print function is implemented.

If your web browser is configured for .c and .h files, the function, macro, and data type links go to the corresponding source location.

Please report documentation and link errors to qhull-bug@qhull.org.

Copyright © 1997-2020 C.B. Barber

»Qhull files

This sections lists the .c and .h files for Qhull. Please refer to these files for detailed information.

Makefile, CMakeLists.txt
Makefile is preconfigured for gcc. CMakeLists.txt supports multiple platforms with CMake. Qhull includes project files for Visual Studio and Qt.
Include file for the Qhull library (libqhull.so, qhull.dll, libqhullstatic.a). Data structures are documented under Poly. Global variables are documented under Global. Other data structures and variables are documented under Qhull or Geom.
Geom, geom_r.h, geom_r.c, geom2_r.c, random_r.c, random_r.h
Geometric routines. These routines implement mathematical functions such as Gaussian elimination and geometric routines needed for Qhull. Frequently used routines are in geom_r.c while infrequent ones are in geom2_r.c.
Global, global_r.c, libqhull_r.h
Global routines. Qhull uses a global data structure, qh, to store globally defined constants, lists, sets, and variables. global_r.c initializes and frees these structures.
Io, io_r.h, io_r.c
Input and output routines. Qhull provides a wide range of input and output options.
Mem, mem_r.h, mem_r.c
Memory routines. Qhull provides memory allocation and deallocation. It uses quick-fit allocation.
Merge, merge_r.h, merge_r.c
Merge routines. Qhull handles precision problems by merged facets or joggled input. These routines merge simplicial facets, merge non-simplicial facets, merge cycles of facets, and rename redundant vertices.
Poly, poly_r.h, poly_r.c, poly2_r.c, libqhull_r.h
Polyhedral routines. Qhull produces a polyhedron as a list of facets with vertices, neighbors, ridges, and geometric information. libqhull_r.h defines the main data structures. Frequently used routines are in poly_r.c while infrequent ones are in poly2_r.c.
Qhull, libqhull_r.c, libqhull_r.h, qhull_ra.h, unix_r.c , qconvex_r.c , qdelaun_r.c , qhalf_r.c , qvoronoi_r.c
Top-level routines. The Quickhull algorithm is implemented by libqhull_r.c. qhull_ra.h includes all header files.
Set, qset_r.h, qset_r.c
Set routines. Qhull implements its data structures as sets. A set is an array of pointers that is expanded as needed. This is a separate package that may be used in other applications.
Stat, stat_r.h, stat_r.c
Statistical routines. Qhull maintains statistics about its implementation.
User, user_r.h, user_r.c, user_eg_r.c, user_eg2_r.c, user_eg3_r.cpp,
User-defined routines. Qhull allows the user to configure the code with defined constants and specialized routines.

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